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Here’s your situation: You are in need of something from a professional place of business. Whether it be work, service, a product, or the resolution of an issue, all you want is that chance to speak your mind and get what you desire. After going through the Chain-of-Command of professionals, you get to the big guy…The man in charge. Now you feel as though you are going to get the help you want.

Here’s another situation: Maybe you don’t need anything from a business, but want something from a family member or a friend. Quite possibly you could be interested in a potential mate and you want desperately to get that chance with them. Soon, however, you begin to realize that people are giving you the RUN AROUND. Once you get to that point, you need to figure out if what you want from that person or company is worth the time and effort to get past the run around and get your results.

What exactly is the run around?

Basically, the run around is a specific set of lies/actions meant to keep you in a loop of expectation without actually giving you what you want. The person giving you the run around never had the intention of fulfilling your desires in the first place. So they give you the run around hoping that you will “get the hint” after awhile and give up. This is not to be confused with someone who has a really busy or hectic life or schedule and just can’t set the time aside for you. Their intentions may be well, and they more than likely want to address your needs or meet with you, but the timing is not right.

See, what’s happening when you get the run around is that your intended target doesn’t see the value in who you are or what your needs are. Maybe you haven’t placed enough value on what you desire? Maybe you haven’t placed enough value on yourself? Maybe there has been no sense of urgency surrounding your situation? No matter what the question is, the answer is the same: you’re getting nowhere fast with this person. After awhile you feel like giving up because either you believe that your target is too busy or you know they are giving you the run around.

How do you know this? Well, if you’re in tune with own intuition, you should be able to pick up on it. May not be right away, but you’ll pick up on it. If you’re not in tune with your intuition, then you need to observe a few things.

1st things 1st:

Let’s check the situation. Just because you feel you’re situation deserves much needed attention, that doesn’t mean it does. How serious are your needs? Dire? Extreme? Light? Can you make it through life without having that meeting with an old friend? Will you be able to function if you never see the store manager for a customer service or product related issue? Does your project have to be seen by this potentially influential individual or can you find someone else with the same clout and influence somewhere else?


Let’s check your interactions. Are you able to talk to your target? What was that like? Did they sound sincere in their voice? Did they rush you off the phone, out of their office, or away from the meeting area? Were they asking questions of you to get as much info as necessary? Did they make claims to have the time available only to reschedule time and time again? Do you FEEL put off? DOES IT FEEL LIKE YOUR TARGET SEEMS TO BE BOTHERED BY YOU? Do you find yourself contacting them over and over again, with barely any reply?


Let’s check yourself. Were you frustrated by your situation from the beginning? Do you know your target’s current situation? Were you polite when you contacted your target? Have you been able to place value on resolving the situation or having your needs met? DO YOU FIND YOURSELF CONTACTING YOUR TARGET OFTEN? Do you lack the patience needed to deal with a potential “run around” situation?

So now that you’ve asked yourself these questions and answered them, what overall conclusion have you come to? Are you getting the run around?

Here are some things to consider:

When interacting face to face – Check your target’s overall posture, gestures, and facial expressions. Make sure they are paying attention to you as you speak. Paying attention doesn’t mean staring. For all that they could be looking through you, not at you. Look at their posture. If it seems like they are bored or uninterested, they probably are. Watch their gestures because if they are fiddling with things like their pockets or other devices, writing or anything that doesn’t seem to be involving you, then it may be that you’re not that important to them and they feel as long as they are there to hear you speak that will satisfy you. Check out their tone of voice. Does it seem like they really want to speak?

Listen to their excuses – If you know their situation, the excuses for giving you the run around will either be valid or invalid. For example: A manager looking to hire someone quickly will not give you the run around if they feel you are a quality candidate for work. So if they schedule for an interview, then cancel without a reschedule, chances are you will get the run around. Remember, everyone who works knows their schedule so they know when they are available. Especially managers.

Knowing when someone is giving you the run around is more about feeling and intuition than facts or timing. Trust your gut instincts and know when to either give up or push the issue more. My next blog will tell you how to stop a person from giving you the run around.

Good luck in your efforts.