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…Lemme phrase that question in another way…

What do you seem to constantly affirm to yourself?

(Good or Bad what you Affirm on a regular basis is your favorite Affirmation, i.e – the things you’ve been saying to yourself that becomes what you believe.)

You can always change what you believe about yourself, about others, and about your world in your mind. For some, the mental change can be quick…almost instant. For others, the mental change can take time. Either way, if you desire to change the way you think about yourself, your situation, or others, one of the best ways to do it is with Affirmations. What you affirm to yourself consistently over time becomes a belief. That belief can be about yourself, about others, about your situation, about your environment, etc. Beliefs are strong, some stronger than others. Yet beliefs are usually deep rooted because of something you have affirmed to yourself. (more…)


When the people I grew up with were young…we didn’t have much. But we made the best of what we had to have a good time and have fun. We could have fun with sticks and tree branches. We all had a great sense of imagination. WE NEVER GOT BORED!! Even when we were teenagers…we had no problem playing basketball, riding bikes, playing football, going to the arcade…just regular things we could do. And even though there are barely any arcades around there is still plenty of things for kids to do. I don’t care how messed up the city you live in is, figure out a way to go somewhere else to enjoy your time. (more…)

Here’s the story of two great friends. One’s called Life, the other one is called Death. They’re about the same age, same height, same build, same complexion, all of that. Not to mention they are completely inseparable.

No one knows why Life and Death are such great friends. Quite literally they are polar opposites. Yet Life’s mother, Mrs. Nature, and Death’s Father, Mr. Time, both say that the universe cannot exist or thrive without them.

Life was created to bring his mother’s physical creations into being. She explained to Life that each living being or entity that he brings into existence serves a purpose. Once that purpose has been served, then their is no longer a need for that creation to exist physically. At which point Mr. Time sends his son Death to meet and bring an end to Nature’s creation.

At first, Life didn’t like the notion of these beautiful creations being terminated. All he wanted was to preserve their existence. Life saw no need for Death. He thought that Death brought nothing but pain and sorrow. It wasn’t until his mother explained to him that her creations never truly died, they just ceased to exist physically where they were born. The energy of these creations are either resurrected in the cosmic plant for use in other areas of the universe or they will made anew in a new physical host in the same place they were.

Only a creation that fails to live up to its purpose no matter where they are in the universe will be completely removed from existence.

Mrs. Nature then told her son about the great cosmic imbalance that had to be harmonized. Once before, many millennia ago, Nature’s creations came to be but never ceased to exist. Those creations that gained intelligence saw that existence had no real purpose. They grew in size, population, and intelligence. Soon there was nothing but war, pain, strife, and unhappiness all across the cosmos. The energetic forces that held the “stitches” of the universe together started to fade away allowing the stitches to rip thereby tearing the very fabric of the universe apart.

The rulers of the universe (Time, Space, Nature, Vibe, Math, and Intelligence) needed a means to bring balance back to the cosmos. Mr. Time decided to introduce his own creation: Death. Mrs. Nature explained that, at first, she saw no need for Death. However, Math and Intelligence knew that Death’s existence would bring purpose to Nature’s creations, but in order for this to work, Nature would have to have to bring her creations into being without the power of cosmic manifestation, which was Nature’s usual means of bringing her creations into being.

So Nature created Life and Life gave each one of her creations a purpose before succumbing to Death. Once Death was brought upon Nature’s original creations, Life came into the comsic plant and took the energies of some of the dead creations (the ones that remained faithful to purpose), and infused them with some of Nature’s newest creations. Soon, with the aid of Mr. Time, balance was restored to the cosmos and the fabric of the universe was “stitched” back together.

Once balanced was restored, Mrs. Nature and Mr. Time introduced Life and Death to one another, for they were never to meet until the universe had harmony again (which pleased Dr. Vibe immensely).

At first, Life felt Death was a crass and senseless being. Death felt Life was petty and juvenile. Their friendship came to be after they both planned and executed great cosmic prank. It wasn’t funny to Nature, Time, or any of the other rulers of the Universe, but both Life and Death thought it was hilarious. After awhile, Life and Death’s bond grew so strong, they became inseparable.

Now anywhere in the universe that Life goes, Death follows and is never far away and vice versa.

This could really be an understatement. So many people walk away from an event like a football party with much to say, and the food that was served is almost always one of those topics discussed. People talk about the wings, the appetizers, the main courses, the grilled burgers, the fries, even some of those little football shaped pastries with the ground pork in the middle. They talk about how much food was served, how it tasted, what it smelled like, what the food looked like, and how it was served. If you hosted the party and cooked the food, people will never stop talking about it provided your cooking skills are incredible and they all loved the food.

We’re here to help with the most important aspect of any Football Party

N29 Books was designed to give people practical information about many facets of life that can be used. Cooking is one of those facets of life that people do on the regular. When it comes to your Football Party, the food you serve could make or break your event. How? Consider this, if you’re food tastes horrible, people wont eat it. Then not only have you wasted time and money buying and cooking the food, you’ve also insured that your attendees will remain hungry during your event. If they’re drinking on empty stomachs, it’s not a good thing at all. People get angry and irritable quickly when they’re hungry. Let’s hope you’ve bought enough chips and dips because those will be the first consumables to go if your food is horrible. 

N29 Books is not about to let it’s readers fall under this category. We’ve compiled a set of cookbooks that offer some of the best recipes in the country. From the usual staple foods to more robust, mouth watering, taste bud pleasing dishes. These books will take your party from just a regular football party to being THE ULTIMATE FOOTBALL PARTY!

To help make each ultimate football party you host an incredible one, N29 Books is here to offer you a MASSIVE collection of over 2000 recipes spread across a series of books carefully picked to give you the most choices necessary to create those dishes that cater to the football fanatics attending your event. Not only that, these recipes are not limited to an Ultimate Football Party, but you’re guaranteed to find dishes to serve at your next family dinner or romantic night with a loved one. 

Pretty soon your friends, family, loved ones, and associates will be calling you a master chef and will never stop knocking at your door for parties, or just a plate!

Below is a list of the recipe books we’re offering. Continue reading and you’ll see that N29 Books has compiled an extensive list of sites and companies that you can check out for everything else you might need to throw THE ULTIMATE FOOTBALL PARTY! 

See, told you we were here to help. This blog post will be your one stop resource for your next event and those afterward. 

Recipe Books include:
150 Appetizer Recipes
300 Outstanding Dip Recipes
101 Chicken Wing Recipes
300 Recipes For The Grill
600 Chili Recipes

Each ebook is $12-$15 seperately or you can purchase the Ultimate Football Party Recipes Combo and get 5 ebooks for $40!! That’s a savings of over $20!

Don’t let old ideas and been there done that scenarios ruin the fun of your next football party. 

N29 Books!

150 Appetizer Recipes – $12  Add to Cart

300 Outstanding Dip Recipes – $12  Add to Cart

101 Chicken Wing Recipes -$12     Add to Cart

300 Recipes For The Grill – $12      Add to Cart

600 Chili Recipes – $15          Add to Cart

The Ultimate Football Party Recipes Package
(includes 600+ Brew Your Own Beer Recipes!)
$40  Add to Cart

Additional Resources:

We know you may be a great party planner. We know you may have all the recipes and favors and items you need to throw a great planned, or unplanned, Football Party. But come on, let’s face it, when have you thrown the ULTIMATE FOOTBALL PARTY?? The party that no one will forget…hell, it wasn’t even the Superbowl and the party still rocked! If you’ve never experienced the joys of having an Ultimate Football Party, then, well, you’ve just never experienced it. 

Let N29 Books help you in your quest to throw the ultimate football party. Listed below are additional resources, links to be exact, of companies that provide almost anything you need to make your next football party the ultimate one. By no means is this an exhaustive list as there are tons more sites you can visit. However, this is a start. The list is categorized by type of product or services offered. If you’re a SMART PLANNER, and you know a big game is coming up, you’ll start getting your plans together NOW instead of later. Be smart.

Football Party Supplies and Favors:




Character Party Supplies

Grilling Equipment:

McWilliams Construction & Design – Custom Grills and Smokers!


560 Radio is LOUD AND CLEAR!

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-560- Radio

-560- Radio LOUD AND CLEAR!

-560 Radio- is just one piece of the Network29 puzzle. Ambitiously aiming towards providing the best in audio entertainment, Network29’s -560 Radio- has come up with a familiar format but with new material. -560 Radio-‘s first effort is The SH-Xperience, a show dedicated to bringing you all things SH Entertainment. From the team Style&Heat to its individual members, The SH-Xperience gives you the absolute best in music from Hip Hop’s newest rising phenomen. The Style&Heat roster includes: Crysis da Street Poet, Laquay Swaye (LS), Stan Spitt, Dub Banga!, and The Grimm_Factor. Hosted by Grimm, The SH-Xperience is completely fresh and independent, with music and personality that rivals the mainstream industry acts. Even the soundtrack music is all independent with instrumentals from some of the best indie producers across the country and the world. -560 Radio- will soon bring in new shows focusing on other independent artists, writers, fashion designers, Voice Actors, bands, film makers, bloggers, etc. -560 Radio-‘s current home is We hope to never outgrow this incredible broadcasting platform. If we do, not to worry, there are so many ways to deliver talent to the masses. Listen to The SH-Xperience!

Featuring Music By Style&Heat

Hello world!…

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…I’d like you to meet my ego. To him people are feeble, cowardly, and meager. Hello world! Everybody praise him. Look in sheer amazement. Worship him and pay him.

Always Grinding Cover Art

The Grimm_Factor - Always Grindin available on iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody, and eMusic

I don’t rap to get rich quick. Stop jocking me, get off my dick. Hold up…wait…I like that shit. I changed my mind, hop back on my dick.//Tell me how good my flow is and how my album’s the dopest and how, before you heard me, you thought most rap was bogus.//Tell me that I’m changing the game. The way my brain works is simply insane. Blow up my ego totally, that’s just how it supposed to be.//None of these niggas is close to me. I be trimming down tracks like a flowbee,  Grimm_Factor brought the game back, oh yeah you know it B…//Believe you me, I’m here by choice. Turn off the sound, you’ll hear my voice. Its stuffy and it does annoy,  I’m Urkel boy avoid the noid.//Recognize bitch don’t act coy, being vain I do enjoy.  I’m whole milk and you just soy, childish at times I play with toys.//Walk in ya crib and I’ll praise yo house, then turn around and diss yo couch. Fuck yo couch bitch get a new one. Don’t look at me like that nigga do something.//I’m the shit, and the poo poo, piled high like some horsey doo doo.  One half crazy, the other cookoo. Spittin flames in a hot pink tu tu.

Hello World!…I’d like you to meet my ego. To him people are feeble, cowardly, and meager. Hello world! Everybody praise him. Look in sheer amazement. Worship him and pay him.

The first verse off the mixtape song “Meet My Ego” by The Grimm_Factor (Grimm560)

Check out The Grimm_Factor’s 1st hit single ALWAYS GRINDING at major online retailers today! Remember to rate the song if you buy it!

Always Grinding On iTunes: