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It’s seriously destroying the value of American Families and Households. We need a culture that can retain a few good parts of pop culture while bringing a robust amount of engaging cultural standards and tradition.

Popular Culture seems to be largely based on status and image, rather than experience and enlightenment. No other culture that I know of, from any race or society, teaches people to look at their own lifestyle while applying to the principles of what’s cool, trendy, hip, fresh, new, sexy, fun, stereotypical, and many other adjectives that you can think of.

What’s truly crazy is that pop culture contains derivatives of so many other cultures. Almost in a way that pop culture becomes a parent culture without actually being a parent.

The media is Pop Culture’s platform of choice for spreading its influence across the world. Truly, without media, pop culture would not be what it is today. The media shows pop culture as a robust definition of what American life is like today.

The media take certain aspects of various cultures, grabs them all up, and places them altogether in context of one area and then shows the rest of the world that this is what America is.

And just like our country, popular culture is the melting pot of various cultural styles and traditions all into one.

I, for one, do not have an issue with popular culture being a melting pot for other various cultures. The problem that I have is when popular culture tries to define other various cultures.

Case in point, the African-American culture has been defined by the very traditions that African-Americans have created over the years through food, clothing, music, the arts, language, and religion/spirituality.

Ok I’m gonna stop there. Honestly I think what i jotted is complete bullshit. I was only testing out the Dragon Dictation app for iOS devices. The only section that I typed by hand is the paragraph you’re reading now and maybe 1 or 2 edits. I can’t say it was a seamless, streamlined session. I know it gets used to me the more I speak to it. Commands for the app takes some getting used to since I’m not used to saying syntax like “comma” or “open/close quote”, however, with a little practice and as long as I learn to think before I speak, I’m sure I’ll master this app.

That is until Apple brings Siri to 4th gen devices.