…Lemme phrase that question in another way…

What do you seem to constantly affirm to yourself?

(Good or Bad what you Affirm on a regular basis is your favorite Affirmation, i.e – the things you’ve been saying to yourself that becomes what you believe.)

You can always change what you believe about yourself, about others, and about your world in your mind. For some, the mental change can be quick…almost instant. For others, the mental change can take time. Either way, if you desire to change the way you think about yourself, your situation, or others, one of the best ways to do it is with Affirmations. What you affirm to yourself consistently over time becomes a belief. That belief can be about yourself, about others, about your situation, about your environment, etc. Beliefs are strong, some stronger than others. Yet beliefs are usually deep rooted because of something you have affirmed to yourself.

When you continuously affirm a thought, your mind will look for clues or create the behaviors in order to prove to yourself that what you are affirming is true. If its not something you were taught growing up, then it may be something you’ve developed over time based on your interactions with your environment or some sort of incident that has happened to you or to others that you have seen. Whatever the affirmation is, once your mind has found enough evidence to clearly convince yourself that its true, then the affirmation becomes a belief.

Though knowledge and skills are passed through the blood to our children, as a young mind develops it is almost completely open to receiving or creating affirmations that quickly becomes a belief. Should you not want your children to grow up with the same mindset you’ve had growing up, you can always help shape their beliefs…the double edge about this is children learn by not only hearing, but seeing and doing. So its one thing to tell a child what you want them to believe, but if they do not see your behaviors align with the beliefs you are attempting to teach them, they may not take to that belief and begin to affirm their own views and thoughts in order to create beliefs their minds feel are congruent to their situation. You, as a parent, may think your child is rebelling when, in fact, the child is just behaving in accordance to the beliefs they have built within themselves based on what they have continued to affirm to themselves which is in direct contrast to what you want them to believe.

Though children can quickly create or adopt a belief, an adult may need to create affirmations in order to change, enhance, or develop new beliefs and these factors can be fast or slow depending on the person.

Beliefs are powerful. Beliefs change who you are, how you feel about yourself and others, how you interact with yourself, and how you interact with the world around you. All beliefs can be changed should you so desire, and one of the best ways to change a belief, reinforce a belief, or develop a new belief is with Affirmations.

Affirmations are not the same as visualizations or manifestations (stuff based on the laws of attraction). However, affirmations can help you achieve your goals and outcomes which, in turn, lead to you manifesting what you desire. Affirmations can give you the edge you need in order to become a better visualizer, better father, better mother, a better follower of god, a better you! Of course it takes more than just using Affirmations…you should also be taking action. Affirmation+Action=Success!!

How do you go about using affirmations? How do you create them? How do you know what kinds of affirmations you should be using? Where do you begin? How long will it take for them to work? Will the change last? How often should you use your affirmations?


First, understand that not everything you affirm becomes a belief that you really want to have. This is why its crucial to be somewhat specific with your affirmations. Here are 5 philosophies I adhere to when it comes to affirmations:

  1. You are not asking for anything. You are creating new beliefs and changing, or deleting, old beliefs
  2. All of your affirmations should be congruent with your life and goals
  3. Be mindful that others will try to impose their beliefs on you or may find ways to get you to change your own beliefs
  4. The world itself is the same. Your new beliefs will help you view yourself, the world, and others differently. This changes your mental, physical, and emotional behaviors to navigate life according to your new beliefs; its this aspect of affirmations that work with the law of attraction
  5. When you interact with others usually the one with the strongest belief usually controls the interaction and can influence the context of the situation…this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a belief that allows you to concede your position, doing so may help you gain influence later.


Creating affirmations is fairly simple. Creating the most useful and congruent affirmations take more time. How much time depends on you. The process can can be faster if you:

  • Pay attention to which verb tense and person you use in your affirmations that work best for you.
  • Avoid creating lengthy beliefs that are hard to recite without written text, but if you can do that then more power to you!
  • Use an audio recording for most (if not all) affirmations no matter the length. In fact I highly recommend using an audio recording of your own voice reciting affirmations.
  • Hit the web if you have trouble making your own affirmations or just want to use premade affirmations. There are plenty of great sites that have free or paid lists of affirmations in different categories. Two I’ve used were http://www.freeaffirmations.org and http://affirmyourlife.blogspot.com each site has its own unique way of presenting powerful affirmations. Sites like these will also serve as the blueprint for your own original affirmations. And you can make your own audio recordings with the ones you find. There are other types of media you can find for free that have affirmations.

I’ve truly never found anything that works faster at solidfying my own beliefs than audio recordings of affirmations in my own voice. It makes sense that most of what you believe in life has been affirmed in your own voice. Some beliefs in your mind may have been set by someone else but the affirmation of those beliefs come from your own voice.

I’ve found the best way to begin creating an affirmation is to think about something you already believe that you want to change or a belief that you want to adopt. For example: Let’s say you have a problem with keeping your home office organized and you want to change that. You can create your affirmations in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person using one of these verb tenses – I AM a very organized person (present tense), I BECAME a very organized person (past tense), or I WILL BE a very organized person (future tense). Can you see how each affirmation seems to affect you differently with each tense?

We can change to 2nd person in the affirmation which lends itself to someone else speaking a belief about you – YOU ARE a very organized person (2nd person, present tense), YOU BECAME a very organized person (2nd person, past tense), YOU WILL BE a very organized person (2nd person, future tense). Now that you’ve read the same affirmations in second person, do you feel it connects with you more than affirmations written in the 1st person?

There is also third person affirmations which create beliefs about others – THEY ARE very organized people (3rd person, present tense), They became very organized people (3rd person, past tense), They will be very organized people (3rd person, future tense). Can you think of beliefs you’ve affirmed about others before?

Once you figure out which tense and viewpoint works best for you when creating affirmations, the next objective is to identify which beliefs you have that you may want to change or create. Maybe you’re usually very hot tempered, or you want to make better use of the time you have. You could be lacking in motivation, have difficulty making friends, or even dating. Here are some examples of affirmations from AFFIRM YOUR LIFE:

  • I accept myself for who I truly am, and give myself permission to grow beyond this. (self-esteem affirmation)
  • I am a career magnet – I am attracting excellent job prospects all the time. (career affirmation)
  • Daily exercise makes me healthy and attractive. (fitness affirmation)
  • Every day in every way my finances are getting better and better.  (money affirmation)
  • I have lots of free time in which to create my perfect life. (time management affirmation)

These are great examples of some very powerful affirmations and the site AFFIRM YOUR LIFE has plenty more! So hit this site, plus others like it, and build a list of affirmations that you want for yourself. Once you start to see how most affirmations are set up, then soon you can create your own. An affirmation I created for myself, and continuously use, is “MY CHILDREN MEAN THE WORLD TO ME AND I DO ALL THAT I CAN TO SPEND MORE TIME WITH THEM TOGETHER.” I created this affirmation not because I didn’t love my children, but because I wanted to continue to love my children and find ways to spend more time with them all together. Affirming this statement until it became a belief was congruent to my life. It takes into account the feelings of my children and myself as well as how my family life fits into other aspects of my life such as dating and my career.

When you think about it, affirmations are everywhere. At times you might find yourself passively affirming a belief based on a phrase you read in a magazine, online, or out in public, or you may be affirming beliefs based on what others have said. Now that you can recognize what an affirmation is, you can also recognize when you are affirming beliefs that you may or may not want and you can stop yourself from affirming those unwanted beliefs quickly.


Affirmations are meant to hardwire and rewire the mind, body, and spirit to help move you along a more positive path in life. These phrases are more than just positive thinking. When used on a regular basis, until you have your new beliefs firmly implanted in your mind, these statements also change your vibrational output. It has been scientifically proven that all thought influences the vibration of the energy in and around you. The vibes that you change within you controls how your mind, body, and emotions react to yourself and the world around you. The vibes that you change which travel outside of you aids the law of attraction in manifesting what you want most in life. Some of these affirmations you create will lead to you manifesting things you did not know you would or wanted but because your vibration of energy has changed based on your new beliefs, this bonus manifestation happens automatically.

THIS IS WHY IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOUR AFFIRMATIONS ARE CONGRUENT TO YOUR LIFE AND GOALS! Some affirmations could aid in manifesting something you do not want. It may not be easy to see how this is happening at first but the more you use affirmations the more you’ll begin to notice how these beliefs influence yourself and the world around you. BE MINDFUL OF YOUR THOUGHTS AND WHAT YOU AFFIRM!

With that said, here is my method of using affirmations that I have created or found:

  1. Clearly write in print, or type out, your affirmations. Typos or using the wrong words can ruin an affirmation.
  2. Place your affirmations in categories and stick to one category at a time. Maybe do career affirmations in the A.M. and Money affirmations in the P.M.
  3. Use the rule of 4…speak outloud, read outloud, think to yourself, and record yourself saying your affirmations 4 times each.
  4. Listen to your audio recording daily. After the first time your recording says an affirmation, speak outloud that affirmation along with the recording for the last 3x it is stated. Read in silent, and outloud, your affirmations daily. Even though your intended beliefs may be written once on paper, you can still read them outloud, or in silence, 4 times each.
  5. Give yourself at least a month or two to start seeing some results from these affirmations. Results can come sooner or later than that based on the person and the amount of affirming they do, but this is a general time frame.
  6. Immediately change or rephrase an affirmation that is not working for you. Doing so can refine your process of creating affirmations in the future and can make current affirmations more powerful.
  7. Play your audio recordings while you sleep. Preferably with headphones or earbuds. This enables your unconscious mind to absorb those affirmations without waiting for your conscious mind to process the data first.
  8. Print out certain affirmations you truly love and hang them up on the walls in your home or office. Each time you see these beliefs on your walls you will read them thus continously affirming those beliefs.
  9. Store your affirmations in a safe place that you can access easily. Keep a few on you like in your wallet or purse so that you can recite them on the go when you have time.
  10. Be patient with, and trust, the process. Do not try to rush yourself with your affirmations. Remember, it depends on the person how fast the mind will adapt new beliefs. Some of your affirmations will become beliefs faster than others.

I enjoy creating and using affirmations. I wouldn’t call them fun but I will say that with time, effort, and patience your affirmations will work for you. You’ll know when they begin working because you’ll find yourself automatically behaving and thinking in accordance to the new beliefs you affirmed.


Tell me what some of your favorite affirmations are and your experiences of how well they worked, or didn’t work, for you. Maybe tell me about some negative beliefs you’ve affirmed in your life but then changed them with affirmations.

  1. joedalio says:

    Thank you for this excellent information. Lately I have learned the power of “I AM” affirmations based on the I AM Discourses by St. Germain. These are highly effective because when you combine I AM with any positive thought, you are summoning the power of the Great I AM. It has definitely taken my life to a higher level 🙂

    • Network29 says:

      Hey joedalio, I’ve never heard of the I AM Discourses by St. Germain but I will look into it one day. The words I AM are very powerful, indeed, and lend themselves to much more when combined with positive (or negative) thoughts. Thank you for viewing my post!

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