This Game Called “KNOCKOUT” Is Played By Teens Without Goals

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

When the people I grew up with were young…we didn’t have much. But we made the best of what we had to have a good time and have fun. We could have fun with sticks and tree branches. We all had a great sense of imagination. WE NEVER GOT BORED!! Even when we were teenagers…we had no problem playing basketball, riding bikes, playing football, going to the arcade…just regular things we could do. And even though there are barely any arcades around there is still plenty of things for kids to do. I don’t care how messed up the city you live in is, figure out a way to go somewhere else to enjoy your time.

These lil ninjlets today will get money and spend it on BS that wont do nothing for them. They will ask their parents to buy them BS…I know ninjrids got a need to look fly and all that but if you are fly as hell but bored out your mind you need to start doing the damn math! $200 = A decent bus/train ride out of your city with a few friends (who each got their own dough) to a place where yall can have fun away from the hood and leave your attitude or your ghetto mentality in the ghetto.…or it can equal them new Lebrons… 

But these kids got parents who don’t care enough about them to teach them how to live a good life no matter what…its probably because they don’t know any better. But I’m sorry, after a certain age you have the ability to think and act on your own. To go out and purposely make your life worth living…so when these lil ninjlets start talking about “we got high and were bored so we decided to go knock somebody out”, and that shit becomes popular like the latest viral video…I gotta ask these questions:

1.) WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SMOKING?? Keep it away from me cuz it aint the shit I’m smoking.
2.) WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU WILL KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH THAT KNOCKOUT SHIT?? You’re a big ass coward cuz you’re not trying to knockouot no gangsters or d-boys…which no one would care if you did but them. Target people who are just minding their own damn business and watch how fast people find ways to put you on blast. You see how people record the cops that are out of control right??? You must not be afraid of getting caught, shot, stabbed, killed, or beat up by someone you try to knockout.
3.) DONT YOU REALIZE THAT BOREDOM IS A RESULT OF A LACK OF IMAGINATION + A LIFE WITHOUT GOALS?? You are so focused on NOTHING…that you have NOTHING to do and will make NOTHING of your life.
4.) IF YOU WANT TO KNOCK A FOOL OUT WHY NOT DO IT IN A BOXING GYM?? Oh…you must not be that bored to be on a level playing field with another person swinging at you.

These lil jerks will not stop until they start seeing regular everyday folk retaliate with lethal force and not get in trouble for it. Like that kid who got shot twice for failing to knockout a dude waiting for his baby girl…not only that but he got arrested and is serving time for that bullshit. I’m sorry but I’m that bored to get swiss cheesed up AND get thrown in jail after I recover just for trying to put one person down.

#EndOfRant #CarryOn


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