5 Mental Attitude Adjustments For The Uninspired

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Life Skills, Perspective
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“It does not matter how slow you go, so long as you don’t stop.” 

Life doesn’t always seem to give us what we consider the time to get our lives together and further our own endeavors. What you must hold in your mind and heart is the idea that you will never give up on making your life what you want it to be no matter what career path you choose. 

Here are somethings that I believe in that have helped me continue on my career path without stopping.
1.) Time is an illusion – An illusion is only as real as your mind makes it. Yet it is still an illusion. For me, time is the most abundant resource we have. In order to believe that I had to look at what time means to me. Time is not something we can see, touch, hear, taste, or smell…yet we are aware of the passage of time. Instead of saying and believing that you don’t have the time, start saying to yourself “I have all the time in the universe. I have too much time on my hands and can get everything done. I manage my time excellently and can juggle tasks with the greatest of ease. After awhile you’ll start to see that you have an enormous amount of time. Slip back into your old way of thinking about time and you’ll feel you don’t have any. 

2.) No one can stop me, but me – This kind of thinking sets in your mind that you are the only limitation in your success and growth. No matter if its a career growth or life growth. It is the mental attitude of a person who takes sole accountibility for their life and actions. Even if there are people in your path that seem to do things that can hinder your success and growth, you are still the one that chose that path to be on with those people. As such, you could either continue down the path ALLOWING those people to hinder your development and stop your growth, get off the path entirely and find a new path, figure out how to take the power away from these people who you allow to block your success, or create an entirely new path to walk on of your own. The point is this, at the end of the day, who makes the decisions to go further or hold back your life? You! 

3.) I am inspired by life and everything in it – If you’re lacking inspiration to create, remember that inspiration is truly only a glance away. Use anything and everything as an inspiration. Keep an open mind about things. When your brain seems to get flustered, just relax, take 10 deep breaths (5sec inhale/exhale) and let go of the frustration. 

4.) It is not wrong for me to pursue my dreams and build my future – Your dreams of your future are what you visualize for yourself. The ones that truly matter are the ones you feel the most when you think about them. Is it wrong for you to make the decisions or take the actions necessary in order to make your dreams become a reality? Hell No! Should you feel wrong for skipping a family get together (here and there) in favor of doing the work you know will move you forward? Hell NO! Is it wrong to sacrifice your spending one month so you can afford the materials you need to further your career? HELL TO THE NIZ-O! 

5.) I deserve to live the life of success I’ve always wanted and strive for – I believe this with all of my heart. Through all of the ups and downs, bumps and bruises, joy and pain, loves and losses, I still feel I deserve to live the life of success I’ve always wanted and strive for. Because of that fact I remain tenacious, determined, motivated, focused, and faithful that I will acheive that which I am seeking to acheive. 

I hope that I have at least given you some sort of inspiration to continue your endeavors and follow your dreams.


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  1. Kristin :) says:

    Great post. “I am inspired by life, and everything in it.” I love that line, I think we often forget that life is a gift. Its the small things that make us smile 🙂

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