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It’s seriously destroying the value of American Families and Households. We need a culture that can retain a few good parts of pop culture while bringing a robust amount of engaging cultural standards and tradition.

Popular Culture seems to be largely based on status and image, rather than experience and enlightenment. No other culture that I know of, from any race or society, teaches people to look at their own lifestyle while applying to the principles of what’s cool, trendy, hip, fresh, new, sexy, fun, stereotypical, and many other adjectives that you can think of.

What’s truly crazy is that pop culture contains derivatives of so many other cultures. Almost in a way that pop culture becomes a parent culture without actually being a parent.

The media is Pop Culture’s platform of choice for spreading its influence across the world. Truly, without media, pop culture would not be what it is today. The media shows pop culture as a robust definition of what American life is like today.

The media take certain aspects of various cultures, grabs them all up, and places them altogether in context of one area and then shows the rest of the world that this is what America is.

And just like our country, popular culture is the melting pot of various cultural styles and traditions all into one.

I, for one, do not have an issue with popular culture being a melting pot for other various cultures. The problem that I have is when popular culture tries to define other various cultures.

Case in point, the African-American culture has been defined by the very traditions that African-Americans have created over the years through food, clothing, music, the arts, language, and religion/spirituality.

Ok I’m gonna stop there. Honestly I think what i jotted is complete bullshit. I was only testing out the Dragon Dictation app for iOS devices. The only section that I typed by hand is the paragraph you’re reading now and maybe 1 or 2 edits. I can’t say it was a seamless, streamlined session. I know it gets used to me the more I speak to it. Commands for the app takes some getting used to since I’m not used to saying syntax like “comma” or “open/close quote”, however, with a little practice and as long as I learn to think before I speak, I’m sure I’ll master this app.

That is until Apple brings Siri to 4th gen devices.


This could really be an understatement. So many people walk away from an event like a football party with much to say, and the food that was served is almost always one of those topics discussed. People talk about the wings, the appetizers, the main courses, the grilled burgers, the fries, even some of those little football shaped pastries with the ground pork in the middle. They talk about how much food was served, how it tasted, what it smelled like, what the food looked like, and how it was served. If you hosted the party and cooked the food, people will never stop talking about it provided your cooking skills are incredible and they all loved the food.

We’re here to help with the most important aspect of any Football Party

N29 Books was designed to give people practical information about many facets of life that can be used. Cooking is one of those facets of life that people do on the regular. When it comes to your Football Party, the food you serve could make or break your event. How? Consider this, if you’re food tastes horrible, people wont eat it. Then not only have you wasted time and money buying and cooking the food, you’ve also insured that your attendees will remain hungry during your event. If they’re drinking on empty stomachs, it’s not a good thing at all. People get angry and irritable quickly when they’re hungry. Let’s hope you’ve bought enough chips and dips because those will be the first consumables to go if your food is horrible. 

N29 Books is not about to let it’s readers fall under this category. We’ve compiled a set of cookbooks that offer some of the best recipes in the country. From the usual staple foods to more robust, mouth watering, taste bud pleasing dishes. These books will take your party from just a regular football party to being THE ULTIMATE FOOTBALL PARTY!

To help make each ultimate football party you host an incredible one, N29 Books is here to offer you a MASSIVE collection of over 2000 recipes spread across a series of books carefully picked to give you the most choices necessary to create those dishes that cater to the football fanatics attending your event. Not only that, these recipes are not limited to an Ultimate Football Party, but you’re guaranteed to find dishes to serve at your next family dinner or romantic night with a loved one. 

Pretty soon your friends, family, loved ones, and associates will be calling you a master chef and will never stop knocking at your door for parties, or just a plate!

Below is a list of the recipe books we’re offering. Continue reading and you’ll see that N29 Books has compiled an extensive list of sites and companies that you can check out for everything else you might need to throw THE ULTIMATE FOOTBALL PARTY! 

See, told you we were here to help. This blog post will be your one stop resource for your next event and those afterward. 

Recipe Books include:
150 Appetizer Recipes
300 Outstanding Dip Recipes
101 Chicken Wing Recipes
300 Recipes For The Grill
600 Chili Recipes

Each ebook is $12-$15 seperately or you can purchase the Ultimate Football Party Recipes Combo and get 5 ebooks for $40!! That’s a savings of over $20!

Don’t let old ideas and been there done that scenarios ruin the fun of your next football party. 

N29 Books!

150 Appetizer Recipes – $12  Add to Cart

300 Outstanding Dip Recipes – $12  Add to Cart

101 Chicken Wing Recipes -$12     Add to Cart

300 Recipes For The Grill – $12      Add to Cart

600 Chili Recipes – $15          Add to Cart

The Ultimate Football Party Recipes Package
(includes 600+ Brew Your Own Beer Recipes!)
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Additional Resources:

We know you may be a great party planner. We know you may have all the recipes and favors and items you need to throw a great planned, or unplanned, Football Party. But come on, let’s face it, when have you thrown the ULTIMATE FOOTBALL PARTY?? The party that no one will forget…hell, it wasn’t even the Superbowl and the party still rocked! If you’ve never experienced the joys of having an Ultimate Football Party, then, well, you’ve just never experienced it. 

Let N29 Books help you in your quest to throw the ultimate football party. Listed below are additional resources, links to be exact, of companies that provide almost anything you need to make your next football party the ultimate one. By no means is this an exhaustive list as there are tons more sites you can visit. However, this is a start. The list is categorized by type of product or services offered. If you’re a SMART PLANNER, and you know a big game is coming up, you’ll start getting your plans together NOW instead of later. Be smart.

Football Party Supplies and Favors:




Character Party Supplies

Grilling Equipment:

McWilliams Construction & Design – Custom Grills and Smokers!